2020 Governance Committee Director Nominations

Candidates nominated for serving the CASE Community Governance Committee

CASE Presiding Director Nominee

Eoghan Casey
University of Lausanne

Eoghan Casey is professor of Digital Forensic Science and Investigation in the School of Criminal Sciences at the University of Lausanne, and is a partner in Digital Forensics Solutions. He has extensive experience working in digital forensic laboratories in the public and private sectors, and he has analyzed many types of digital evidence to support complex cases. He has consulted globally with many attorneys, agencies, and police departments on a wide range of digital investigations, and he has helped organizations investigate and recover from severe security breaches, including network intrusions with international scope. He has helped develop new capabilities for extracting and analyzing digital evidence, including smartphones and networks. He has delivered expert testimony in civil and criminal matters in the United States, Canada, and international tribunals, and has submitted expert reports and prepared trial exhibits for computer forensic and cyber-crime cases. He is also an active member of the Digital/Multimedia Scientific Area Committee (DMSAC) of the NIST Organization for Scientific Area Committees (OSAC).

Government Class Director Nominee

Ryan Griffith
DoD Cyber Crime Center

Ryan Griffith has worked for the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) for 14 years in the field of Digital Forensics. Throughout his tenure with DC3 he has served as a validator, developer, and researcher of digital forensics technologies, served as the lead mobile forensics exploitation engineer, lead technologist, and the Cyber Innovation Group Chair. Current work focuses on leading research and development initatives for mobile and IoT exploitation and promoting CASE adoption across the DoD. Ryan has co-authored several CASE publications and presented on the subject matter at numerous conferences and workshops.

For-profit Class Director Nominee

Jessica Hyde
Magnet Forensics

Jessica Hyde is an experienced forensic examiner in both the commercial and government sectors. She is currently the Director of Forensics at Magnet Forensics and an Adjunct Professor teaching Mobile Forensics in the graduate programs at both Champlain College and George Mason University, where she achieved an MS in Computer Forensics. Her previous roles included performing forensic examinations as a Sr. Mobile Exploitation Analyst for Basis Technology, Senior at EY, and Senior Electrical Engineer at American Systems. Jessica is also proud to be a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Non-profit Class Director Nominee

Rich Brown
Project VIC

Richard W. Brown is the Co-Founder and CEO, Project VIC International, an international child rescue organization www.projectvic.org. Project VIC champions a transformation in the approach to child exploitation investigations internationally by developing and adopting innovative technologies and victim-centric forensic workflows. Project VIC International participation with law enforcement, industry, academia and other non-profits has enabled technology and innovation to be transferred globally to developing countries to fight the abuse of children and rescue them from harm. Previously, as the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children’s Law Enforcement liaison he had opportunities to work with over 40 countries to build law enforcement’s capacity to address crimes against children. Rich continues to work with the State Department, Homeland Security, United Nations, FBI, NCA, Interpol and others by donating and licensing technologies while training their specialists. Before his non-profit work, Captain Richard Brown served through the ranks within the New Jersey State Police before departing after 25 years as the Chief of Intelligence Management. Richard Brown holds a Graduate Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a concentration in Computer Forensics and Network Security.

Academia Class Director Nominee

Christopher Hargreaves
University of Oxford

Christopher Hargreaves has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, an MSc in Information Security and Computer Crime from University of South Wales, and a PhD in Digital Forensics from Cranfield University. He is currently a lecturer on the Software Engineering Programme, teaching on the MSc in Software and Systems Security. Previously, before starting at Oxford, Chris founded a digital forensics R&D consultancy which he ran for three years, and continues to operate on a part-time basis. Prior to that Chris was a lecturer at Cranfield University (Cranfield Forensics Institute), for seven years and was course director for their MSc in Digital Forensics. Chris is on the editorial board for the journal of Digital Investigation, and on the technical programme committee for several international digital forensics conferences.

CASE Technical Director Nominee

Harm van Beek
Netherlands Forensic Institute

Harm van Beek is an experienced Forensic Scientist at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). His work consists of performing examinations in criminal cases and conducting scientific research in the digital forensic field. Harm is one of the founders of the forensic investigation, innovation and knowledge sharing platform Hansken. Harm obtained his Ph.D. degree in formal methods (computer science) at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Before joining the NFI, he was founder and CTO of ISAAC, a company dedicated to developing middleware and software for the Internet.