Reference Material

Reference documents detailing early CASE design and usage decisions

Title Description Date
Representing Mobile Devices and SIM Cards using CASE/UCO This document describes the approach, and associated property bundles, account types, and address types to represent Mobile Devices and SIM Cards using CASE. 2018-03-08
Representing File and File System information using CASE/UCO This document describes the design decisions for representing information that is contained within a file or file system, and associated metadata. 2017-09-14
Representing Recoverability of Unallocated Files using CASE/UCO This document describes the design decisions for representing information pertaining to recoverability of unallocated (deleted) files. 2018-01-31
Representing Accounts using CASE/UCO This document describes the design decisions for representing Account related information. 2017-09-14
Change Proposal 8 Change label "propertyBundle" (CASE v. 0.1.0) to "hasPropertyBundle" in CASE v. 0.2.0; entails change to IRI 2020-04-01
Style Guide for Documentation of the CASE Ontology, Version 1.0 This presentation contains a brief overview of the purpose, structure, and content of the official style guide for creating documentation of the CASE Ontology. 2020-04-07
Change Proposal 3 Adoption of rdf-toolkit for CASE normalization process 2020-06-15
Change Proposal 7 Move CASE JSON Examples into own Git Repository 2020-07-29
Change Proposal 12 Remove generated documentation of CASE 0.1 2020-08-12
Change Proposal 13 Update ontology README to reflect website and Jira 2020-08-12
Change Proposal 6 Linking Style Guidance with GitHub README 2020-08-12
Change Proposal 4 Replace prototype case.ttl file with namespace-separated Turtle files 2020-08-12
Change Proposal 2 Defining the CASE Namespace 2020-08-12
Change Proposal 10 Resolve naming inconsistency and associated equivalent class complexity 2020-08-12
Change Proposal 9 Adoption of Investigation namespace from UCO into CASE 2020-08-12
Change Proposal 11 Define format for ontology repository's ChangeLog 2020-08-12
Change Proposal 16 Establish unit tests and Continuous Integration for ontology repository 2021-03-16
Change Proposal 25 Define and use prefixes for imported concepts 2021-03-16
Change Proposal 15 Remove intermediate role classes 2021-03-16
Change Proposal 18 Remove intermediate role classes 2021-03-17
Change Proposal 21 Allow for transitive provenance querying 2021-05-28
Change Proposal 22 Allow to determine quickly the root (first) node in provenance chain 2021-05-28
Change Proposal 27 Allow asynchronous change proposal posting 2021-05-28
Change Proposal 28 Adopt UCO 0.6.0 2021-05-28
Change Proposal 35 Add missing definition for exhibitNumber property in ProvenanceRecord. 2021-05-28
Change Proposal 34 Revise CASE IRI structure to support granular resource service 2021-06-02
Change Proposal 38 Remove "Base IRI" features from ontology and normalization procedure 2021-08-04
Change Proposal 37 Fix broken link to website examples gallery in README 2021-09-08
Change Proposal 40 Adopt UCO 0.7.0 2021-09-17
Change Proposal 41 Convert current property restrictions and domain assertions to SHACL class shapes 2021-09-17
Change Proposal 42 Remove investigation-namespaced startTime and endTime properties from investigation-da.ttl 2021-09-17