GitHub Policies

This page describes policies to make stable addresses for software repositories on

Types of repositories on GitHub/casework


An Implementation converts tool output to CASE. There is an inherent tie of a CASE Implementation to a specific tool or data format.

Originally, CASE had considered using “Proof of Concept,” or “Implementation,” for these repositories. On considering a “Development status” annotation for each repository, “Proof of Concept” no longer seemed worthwhile, as it could cause a repository rename if a proof of concept would gain sufficient interest.


An intermediary tool not necessarily meant for end users, instead meant for adopting developers or intermediate workflow steps. A Utility is not tied to any particular tool, as that would be an Implementation. Framework tools would typically be Utilities.


Bindings provide support for generating CASE data for a programming language, not necessarily tied to any particular consumer tool.

NOTE - CASE does not use the term “API” here on account of “API” being overloaded, appearing in several usage situations for CASE. For instance, ontologies have an API, over REST. Some parties also consider providing a REST endpoint to be providing an API. “Bindings” is generally understood to be more scoped to just programming languages.

When does a repository go under github/casework?

Either a code repository is hosted under casework, or would be hosted by a community member.

Hosting under casework:

Hosting under the community member:

Support requirements of code repositories on github/casework

These are graded support requirements, aligning with the repository’s Development Status.

Development Statuses

We have observed a software packaging ecosystem, Pypi, designate the Development Status of a project with these levels:

1 - Planning
2 - Pre-Alpha
3 - Alpha
4 - Beta
5 - Production/Stable
6 - Mature
7 - Inactive

CASE recommends adoption of these statuses for any repository hosted on github/casework, by specifying requirements to consider a repository having met a support level.

Support requirements once a project reaches a development status

3 - Alpha

4 - Beta

5 - Production/Stable